About Us

The Kiwanis Shop offers the clubs in the Belux District a variety of products. In the pages on this Web-site, you will find a price-list and order form. Please notice that these are only guiding prices, which can be changed without any notice. All prices are in EURO. The Kiwanis Shop Belux has over some time extended the assortment, but we wish to point out that we often have to order the merchandise from the US. This may take a considerable amount of time. Since this shop is run on a voluntarily basis and since the days are sometimes not long enough caused by heavy work load in our professional life. We must therefore encourage you to order at an early stage. Kiwanis Shop Belux wants to point out that Customs and VAT may be added on fast-deliveries where the merchandise have been ordered from the US. Freight costs will be added on all deliveries.

   Marc Vandermeersch